We would like to formally announce the release of our revamped Centre/SIS Users site. The Centre/SIS Users website is equipped with features to allow networking of Centre/SIS users around the world to discuss their uses of Centre/SIS and work together to make Centre/SIS even better.

Head on over to www.centreusers.org to join! Membership is free and your contributions could help others from across the globe.

To become a member click on Create an Account to get started. We also recommend you join the Centre/SIS Users group on the Groups tab to start. This will be used as a general group for everyone. Feel free to start a group for your own region! Once you have joined on the site start spreading the word to everyone to help the community grow. More active users will create a better experience for everyone and produce an increase in valuable information.

All users of Centre/SIS are invited to join us on this new website. This includes Administrators, Teachers, Staff Members, Technical Staff, and even parents. We are looking forward to building a strong community!

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