Version 4 awesomeness!

 We’re smack in the middle of our beta test for Centre/SIS v.4.00.  We’re pretty excited as this is our first version on a new database engine, MySQL.

Our current database, PostgreSQL, offers industrial strength power, takes a bit more training and knowledge  to run successfully, and as such, is offered less often by webhosts. MySQL is faster under a lower user load (less than 100 users at a time), and is available for anyone who opens a web server account with almost any provider.  MySQL now has some of the characteristics such as sub-queries and procedures that we required for Centre/SIS.

We have converted Centre/SIS to v. 4.00 along with our Discipline module (NEW graphics) and our Student Billing module (bug fixes,  credit card and paypal access) and new Moodle (learning management system).  There is also a much-needed User Interface upgrade. We’ll adding new features to Centre/SIS as we’re sure that the code is functioning properly. A script to convert data from PostgreSQL to MySQL is next on the list.

Our private clients will be able to choose between these database platforms, while the community (open source) version has already migrated to MySQL.

We’re pretty excited about these new developments. We’re always looking to find a better way to improve Centre/SIS.

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