The true power of Centre SIS student information system lies in its modular design that makes it possible to create powerful add-on modules to either add capabilities to Centre SIS, or link Centre SIS to other softwares. Here is a partial list of currently available Centre/SIS student information system modules:

Standard Centre/SIS Modules

Centre/SIS modules

  • School setup module, enabling management of school parameters, grades, marking periods and the roll-over of data from one school-year to the next ;
  • Student demographics, enabling management of students demographics, medical information, adresses and contacts as well as advanced reports ;
  • Scheduling module, enabling management of courses, classes, automated scheduling of students and teachers, creating timetables and master schedules ;
  • Attendance module, enabling the configuration of attendance codes, taking attendance, managing absences, creating daily reports, trends and charts ;
  • Grades & report cards enabling the configuration of grading scales, pre-defined or free-form comments, entering assignments, gradebook grades and exam results, calculating GPA’s, class ranks and honor roll as well as generating and printing fully customized report cards that look exactly like yours today ;
  • Eligibility module¬†enabling the tracking of student weekly academic performance relates this performance to eligibility for student activities, like sports, plays, student government;
  • Food service module,¬†enabling the establishment of school menus, food items and costs. tracks free & reduced meals, collects payments, tracks expenditures, keeps student balances;
  • Share Hours, enabling tracking of volunteer hours donated, by student, activity or cause.

Optional Centre/SIS Modules

  • Discipline Pro module,enabling a superior discipline module gives schools capacity-building information and technical assistance for identifying, adapting, and sustaining effective school-wide disciplinary practices;
  • Student Billing Pro module, enabling the billing of student fees, by course, class or activity, and maintain account balances and online payments, by student or payor ;
  • State Reporting modules, enabling the export of all files required for successful reporting to your state’s Department of Education;
  • Online Application module, enabling the creation of fully customized application and/or registration forms ;
  • Library Management module, enabling the integration of Centre with the OpenBiblio software to create and manage book catalogs, enable students, staff and parents to borrow books, manage yearly membership fees and late fees as well as create reports and lists;
  • LMS Modules – true integration with Moodle, Sakai and other powerful LMS.
  • Charter School module, enabling charter schools to bill tuition according the days of enrollment at a particular address and a particular school district, by special or non-special rates. Tremendously effective and great cost savings.
  • Referral module, enabling academic referrals for student improvement or accolade.