State Reports and your student information system

Most states require that your student information system provide a substantial amount of data reporting from schools directly to the governing state.  Data required is often not kept in the student information system, is not kept in the form required by the state, or is not available in the exact format that the state requires.

The State Reports module for Centre/SIS student information system eliminates these problems. This module automatically creates the new data items required by the state, with the pull-down or “code set” choices as specified by the state, in one convenient tab on the student cumulative folder or the staff information tabs. State Reports module, with just a click or two, uses the extensive Centre/SIS data collection, along with these new data elements, to produce the exact reports specified by your state, in exactly the format required.

No more cumbersome data reporting for this student information system, no more combining spreadsheets, no more hours of collating and reporting data.  Just a click or two and you’re done with your reporting requirement!

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