The Student Billing module allows your Centre/SIS student information system to maintain student balances and payments. From one simple-to-use program, you can assign a fee to students in any course, class, or activity, using Centre/SIS’s student information system familiar searching interface. You can even use the student information system to assign fees based on the user-defined fields and various other search criteria (for instance, all students that failed a course, or all students that missed more than 10 days of school). Additionally, you can assign, pay, and waive fees on a per-student basis.The Billing module uses a credit and debit system, so your school’s accountant should feel comfortable using the program. Additionally, parents and students can track their fees and payments online in real time.

The Centre/SIS student information systemBilling module offers a wide variety of reports tracking daily billing transactions, daily totals, balances, and fees. And, the Billing modules prints invoices and letters that can be mailed directly to parents.
Your school or district will certainly find that the Centre/SIS student information system Student Billing module is the perfect way to keep track of book, enrollment, activity, and any other fees your district charges.