Moodle integration is here!

Nick and his team have coded their little fingers to the bone recently, and we’re proud to say we have released our Centre/SIS v4 with Moodle integration to beta testing.

Using “REST” and XML-RPC, we’re able to add students to Moodle when they’re added to Centre/SIS. If you add a subject, course or course_period in Centre/SIS, it’s added to Moodle.

And, best of all, when a student is scheduled in a class period in Centre/SIS, they’re automagically added to Moodle with the correct authentication.  No touching, no messing around, no errors.  Magic stuff!


Centre/SIS logo1358028784_monotone_plus_add moodle-logo


Using Moodle tokens and Moodle API functions, there just won’t be problems with you update your Moodle version or update Centre/SIS. There are NO changes to Moodle necessary to work with Centre/SIS. We’re working to keep this integration hassle and error free.

As you know, Centre/SIS’ reputation is for dependability.  We’ll make sure that the Moodle integration is just as bug-free as Centre/SIS, and then we’ll release it to the public.

Keep an eye on this site for links to our website(s) for Centre/SIS Pro products!

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  1. Very interested in using entre/SIS v4 with Moodle integration.

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