Ok, I know that most people wouldn’t necessarily be as thrilled to announce that their Pootle server is alive and well and available for some help. Chris Danik has great obstacles to get our Pootle server upgraded and working perfectly again.

Pootle is an online translation management tool with translation interface…that is to say, we put all Centre/SIS’ vocabulary into our Pootle server.  Words like “absence”, “Grade”, “first name”…each and every word that we use is listed in our Pootle server.  We then invite people who are MUCH more knowledgeable than we to input into Pootle their native language equal to each word or phrase in our list.  It may be “Students” in English, but it’s Elèves” in French, “Estudiantes” in Spanish.

Please visit translate.centresis.org . We need help for all languages from Afrikaans to Zulu, so please check up on your native- or native-capable language to see if we have ALL of the words translated accurately.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could bring our free version to EVERYONE?

We appreciate your help.


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