student information systemIn our many years serving the education industry, we have always felt that each school is truly unique, and that there will always be the need to do things slightly differently from one school to the next in order to best serve it’s students and staff. This is why we have engineered Centre SIS to be very flexible in the ways it can be configured, but also easily customizable and extensible should the need arise. We’re never satisfied with the status quo, and we want to improve Centre/SIS everyday.

We are therefore offering the following development services around Centre/SIS:

    • custom report card creation
    • custom style sheets and website template
    • custom report or letter templates
    • custom module development or integration[\list]

    If you can imagine it, we will be able to realize it in Centre/SIS! Here are some of the modules we have developed in the past for our customers:

      • state reporting modules
      • e-learning module
      • library management module
      • food service and point-of-sales module
      • integration with an online alerting service

    And here are examples of customized report cards, reports and other templates that can be produced by Centre:

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