You can probably hear the hammering & sawing going on!  We in the final stages of website construction before we release Student Billing Pro, an integrated billing module for Centre/SIS.

Student Billing Pro, our most requested module, meets the needs of today’s school because it was designed to help administrators and parents/students. ¬†Administrators benefit from easy-to-use billing and payment tools, including Mass Assign Fees (assign a fee to one or all of your students), installment plans, and accurate reports. ¬†Parents automagically have a billing page for each student, showing balance, payments and current balance, current items and payment due. One Click PayPal payments work to get your payments sooner.

Shortly more Centre/SIS Pro products will be available for your Centre/SIS installation, like Discipline Pro, Online Enrollment, Moodle Integration and a special FREE module that’s secret!


  1. Sounds good but, I have no idea where can I buy this ..

  2. Please send me the Student Billing Pro module for Centresis V4.

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