Big Blue Button Web Conferencing for Moodle

Learners Circle, LLC, the home of Centre/SIS, has added Big Blue Button as an add-on to our virtual learning environment hosting and support options. BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for sharing real-time “audio, video, slides, chat, desktop and polls” in online classes. Big Blue Button was started by  Blindside Networks in 2008, and offers what we consider to...

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Virtual Learning Environment at IREX Conference

Virtual Learning Environment at IREX Conference Dr. Oday Ahmed of the University of Technology in Baghdad made a wonderful presentation on the “Development of Virtual Learning Environment” to the IREX conference that was held in Baghdad between 26 to 28 of September, 2016. Dr. Oday kindly mentioned Centre/SIS, our integration with Moodle, Mahara and OpenMeetings as the heart of...

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5 Things Parents Need To Know About Blended Learning!

  A new report traces the evolution of “blended learning,” and argues that its value to the nation’s schools will hinge on the extent to which it can help educators tailor instruction to individual student needs. The International Association for K-12 Online Learning, a Vienna, Va.-based nonprofit that supports blended learning, examines blended learning’s role in K-12...

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Google Hangouts for Moodle

Google Hangouts for Moodle: We’re pretty excited!  There’s a lot of great video content developed already and awesome new productions are coming. As more and more teachers become comfortable with the editing and Internet skills required to be a great flipped/blended/online learning teacher, we’re going to see some innovative new books, videos and learning environments. One...

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A Video Conversation about Student Management System Software

Google Hangout with Dr. Tim Edwards on Student Management System Software Dr. Edwards & Miller discuss student management system software, Centre/SIS, enhancements in the premier open source student information system, virtual learning and the advantages of e-learning or online education, advantages of virtual learning environments combined with a student management system software and the...

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