Centre/SIS Overview

Centre/SIS is an ongoing product of our constant effort to improve, our need to innovate, and our desire to share with schools and the academic community. Centre/SIS has been designed to address the most important needs of school administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, students, and clerical personnel. Centre/SIS also adds many modules & components not typically found in student information systems.

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Centre/SIS Support & Training

Take Total Control Pro is an affordable, exclusive training academy that teaches Administrators and Teachers to use Centre/SIS.

Whether you are a newbie to Centre/SIS or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be able to take what you learn and grow your Centre/SIS to incredible heights, using our extensive video library, secret tips and hints, and printed up-to-date documentation.

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Centre/SIS Modules

The true power of Centre SIS student information system lies in its modular design that makes it possible to create powerful add-on modules to either add capabilities to Centre SIS, or link Centre SIS to other softwares.

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Powerful Discipline Pro

If you’re looking for a powerful, turnkey, completely customizable solution for behavior analysis in your school, Discipline Pro for Centre/SIS is perfect.

Discipline Pro is easy-to-use, fast for teachers & staff, and provides your school with a comprehensive discipline solution.

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