Big Blue Button with Centre/SIS and Moodle

Learners Circle, LLC, the home of Centre/SIS, has added Big Blue Button as an add-on to our virtual learning environment hosting and support options. BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for sharing real-time “audio, video, slides, chat, desktop and polls” in online classes. Big Blue Button was started by  Blindside Networks in 2008, and offers what we consider to be a better user interface and slightly more features than other open source web conferencing software, like Open Meetings.

With this new 1.0 version (their 14 release), you’ll see features that teachers love, like annotation of presentations, re-play of videos, the ability to see your students — to work with them face-to-face, and excellent moderator controls, allowing the teacher control audio and make anyone a presenter. Using Big Blue Button helps teachers to engage their students, improving learning and course participation. Web Conferencing makes online classes or blended learning classes come alive, grabbing student’s attention and helping teachers with one-on-one or one-on-many teaching environments.

Choosing open source software like Big Blue Button saves you substantial amounts of money over commercial offerings.

Moodle, with Big Blue Button web conferencing, and Mahara, e-portfolio and social media environment, when combined with Centre/SIS, the premier open source student information system, offers users a complete learning and mentoring environment for schools and corporate training.

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