If you’re looking for a powerful, turnkey, completely customizable solution for behavior analysis in your school, Discipline Pro for Centre/SIS is perfect.

Discipline Pro is easy-to-use, fast for teachers & staff, and provides your school with a comprehensive discipline solution. Discipline Pro will use your referral form, or allow you to customize the referral form to meet the most exacting standards. We integrated our module with Centre/SIS, you never have to add or remove students or staff, you don’t have to add parents’ names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.  Your student population is ALWAYS correct, and that saves your staff HOURS of needless data input.

Discipline Pro provides outstanding reporting, with graphs and lists, or our advanced reporting tool.  Your data is more meaningful when viewed as a graphic, and clearer understanding always brings improvement to internal behavior analysis, and trending.  Our advanced charting and graphics are more interesting, thus engaging the decision makers.

Discipline Pro follows Centre/SIS protocols, and that means less training, less confusion and more inherent expertise.  We make this module easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, powerful and effective. You can add the module to Centre/SIS to be productive immediately.

We’ve got some videos, samples and more information at Discipline Pro