Google Hangouts for Moodle:

We’re pretty excited!  There’s a lot of great video content developed already and awesome new productions are coming. As more and more teachers become comfortable with the editing and Internet skills required to be a great flipped/blended/online learning teacher, we’re going to see some innovative new books, videos and learning environments.

One thing we hear all the time from Moodle Users is “Can we do video classrooms or video conferencing for free?”.  Up until now the answer has always been “no”.  You have had to use Go-to-meeting or Adobe Connect or whatever, and you have had to pay their monthly fees (± $50.00 per month per teacher).  Sometimes for large webinars, the fees are around $500.00 per month per teacher.

Now you can use Google Hangouts, “Hangout with your friends anytime, anywhere, for free” – if you can figure it out, and if you can get your student’s names & email addresses in your Google Circles (WHAT?) and if you can figure out how to turn on the recording, and if you can figure out how to email the participants, and if you can …..

F2F Google Hangouts for MoodleSo, if you’re looking for a no monthly cost solution to the online-classroom expense problem, you might be interested in ‘f2f’ our new Google Hangouts for Moodle plugin that  will help you with:

  • free video chat/webinars/classrooms
  • unlimited participants
  • unlimited presenters
  • built for Moodle, the open source learning management system, more to come!
  • one time purchase — no annual fees… yet, if you act soon

Get the early info from the Teach With Moodle website!

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