Yes, that time of the year where you have to report school data to your State Department of Education is back …. if you are a public or charter school, you will need to produce those complicated files full of codes and apply those business rules right, or risk your submission to be rejected … but don’t be afraid, Centre SIS has you covered!

Centre SIS has a State Reporting module that makes that process as easy as it can be: just ONE click on the name of the report you would like generated and Centre will fetch all relevant information from your database, apply relevant business rules, check that your data is compliant with the specifications and finally produce the report file in the correct format for direct upload to the State’s system. Just ONE click and you’re done!

So whether you live in California, Idaho, Indiana, New Hampshire, Michigan, Maine, Pensylvannia or any other state, give us a call and let us help you with your State Reporting this year.



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